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List of Responsive Bidders for Lot D

List of Successful Companies Which Have Been Prequalified For 2021 ABU Projects


  List of Responsive Bidders for Lot D  
1 Nubapoly Consultancy Responsive
2 Hammer Integrated Eng. Services Nig. Ltd Responsive
3 ABS Construction Nigeria Ltd Responsive
4 IKN Habitat Nigeria Ltd Responsive
5 Purple Rose Ltd Responsive
6 Structed Investment Limited Responsive
7 Usmania Global Resources Ltd Responsive
8 Bijo Surgical & Scientific Company Ltd Responsive
9 Axaka Limited Responsive
10 Emerging Giant Synergy Affairs Responsive
11 Dallayi Muilti-Services Ltd Responsive
12 Autochem Support Limited Responsive
13 Eagle Scientific and Laboratory Equipment Ltd Responsive
14 Minanet Resources Ltd Responsive
15 Rotex Consulting Ltd Responsive
16 Aiza Global Ltd Responsive
17 Danbale Nig Ltd Responsive
18 Femimat Concept Ltd Responsive
19 Whales Construction Nig. Ltd Responsive
20 Habgold Global Services Nig. Responsive
21 Tripple Seventh Nig. Ltd Responsive
22 Nafjok Eng. Ltd Responsive
23 Optimal Designs Associates Nig. Ltd Responsive
24 Gari Legas Global Services Ltd Responsive
25 Ashebal Global Ventures Limited Responsive
26 Al Azahar Ventures & Global Construction Ltd Responsive
27 Jenpre Global Limited Responsive
28 Nnabiz & Sons Global Ventures Responsive
29 Tsanagaya International Ventures Ltd Responsive
30 Shawal Multilinks Services Ltd Responsive
31 Foresight Construction Company Ltd Responsive
32 Amex West Africa Ltd Responsive
33 IADR Zaria Investment Responsive
34 Synapse Technologies Limited Responsive
35 Nulko 2 Nig. Ltd Responsive
36 Saltine Engineering Ltd  Responsive
37 Handi Integrated Sol. Ser Responsive
38 Safa-Maratob Global  Responsive
39 Isham Ventures & Consult. Responsive
40 Meter Instrument Nig. Ltd Responsive
41 Bassay Global Technology & Services Ltd Responsive
42 Dynamic Crown Nig. Ltd Responsive
43 Sa'jid Nigeria Limited Responsive
44 Prior Imperial Capital Limited Responsive
45 JM Nova Ltd Responsive
46 Magabat International Limited Responsive
47 Fatan Alheri Nigeria Limited Responsive
48 Amron Global Services Ltd Responsive
49 Keat Palms Limited Responsive
50 AIE Consulting Ltd Responsive
51 Seapoch Associates Resources Ltd Responsive
52 San-Afrah Nig. Ltd Responsive
53 Progressive Educational Services Responsive
54 Turpentine Global Services Ltd Responsive
55 Massive General Contracts & Procurement Responsive
56 Madbak Nigeria Company Ltd Responsive
57 Habwal International Ltd Responsive
58 Himan Business Concept Limited Responsive
59 Pee Cee Ess Project Limited Responsive
60 Mahabala Global Ltd Responsive
61 Ibma Technical & Eng. Services Ltd Responsive
62 Romptech Scientific Supplies Co. Ltd Responsive
63 Afotech Engineering Services Limited Responsive
64 MB Adamu Entp. Limited Responsive
65 Amara Dynamic Multibiz Limited Responsive
66 Stevenoyi Proj. Ltd Responsive
67 Recital Integrated Services Limited Responsive
68 Central Support Engineering Nigeria Limited Responsive
69 Miroland Surveys Ltd Responsive
70 Liberty Part & Pieces Ltd Responsive
71 Sources Plus Nig. Ltd Responsive
72 Urban Dimensions Ltd Responsive
73 Exwork Engineering Services Ltd Responsive
74 Zaz Constructions Ltd Responsive
75 Golden Amma Nig. Ltd Responsive
76 Amsy Global Services Limited Responsive
77 Zasan Integrated Global Investment Ltd Responsive
78 Millennium Achievement Nig.Limited Responsive


Special Note to Prequalified Contractors/Companies: Prequalified Contractors/Companies may be subjected to post-qualification verification before formalisation or formation of any contract in line with the provisions of Section 32, Subsection 3i of the Public Procurement Act, 2007.