Motto: 'Science For Research and Integrated Development'

Department of Microbiology

(1) Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Training of environmental scientists will be enhanced. It will be possible to monitor water quality on regular basis. Therefore the laboratory will go a long way in solving public health problems such as water borne diseases, as well as exploring on bioremediation and biogas product.
(2) Virology Laboratory Viral infections such as polio myelitis and rotavirus gastroenteritis will be our major concern. Already some contacts on this with foreign organizations are being made. Our laboratory will be the coordinating center for northern states of Nigeria.
(3) Ultra-Low Centrifuge For storage of viral and bacterial specimen for later studies and research, Ultra-low freezers are necessary for effective viral research as well as for genetic work.
(4) Beckman High Speed Centrifuge Necessary for many research works and for separation of cell fractions.
(5) PCR Machine/Laminar Flow Cabinet with Laminar Flow Stand Research of molecular nature depends on this machine. Many organisms can be identified by the machine without the use of media. Good for both under and postgraduate studies.
(6) Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer Machine with Accessories Lyophilized cells stores longer and can store at room temperature and still be viable. So this machine is vital for the research in the Department.
(7) ELISA Reader/Microplate Invaluable tool in molecular diagnosis and research, especially for Virology and Immunology at both under and postgraduate levels.
(8) A Block of Offices and a Big Lecture Hall, Furniture and other Office items We have grossly inadequate lecture and office spaces. The space between Departments of Microbiology and Biological Sciences could be exploited for these purposes. It will be useful for both Departments.
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